Why do we eat til laddoos on Makar Sankranti

Til, gud ghya ni god bola‘, is a common expression used to greet family and guests in Marathi households during Sankranti celebrations.

The expression literally means “Eat til and gur and speak well.”

Ever wondered why we eat Til Laddoos on Makar Sankranti.

Read on to know….

Calcium and vitamin D are essential to building strong, dense bones. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium.

Children need vitamin D to build strong bones, and adults need it to keep their bones strong and healthy. If you don’t get enough vitamin D, you’re more likely to break bones as you age.

Vitamin D is made by the body with sunlight where as calcium is available in foods like sesame seeds (til) which have the highest calcium (975mg per 100g).

Milk has 125mg only.

The body is capable of getting it’s appropriate amount of vitamin D with just 3 full days of sunlight.

The best quality of sunlight is end of winter & beginning of summer.

Now join the dots, and see how wise our sages were of ancient India.

They created a festival of flying kites where by our kids get excited to go in the open, under direct sunlight, throughout the day starting from early morning.

And their mothers feed them homemade TIL laddoos.

India has a fantastic culture.

Happy Lohri and Sakranti in a scientific manner.


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